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Fishing in the Slovenian part of the Gulf of Trieste compared to other waters is more relaxing because there are no strong currents or unreachable depths and, when the weather is nice, the sea is completely calm.

This part of the sea is very special for a few reasons. It is very shallow; the average depth is 17m. This means that the temperature of the sea can reach up to +30°C in the summer and it can drop to around +5°C in the winter. These differences in temperature allow a lot of different species of fish to live in the area. We can say that we have two types of fishing, bluefin tuna in the spring and different species of sea bream, mackerel and horse mackerel in the summer time. In the colder part of the year, we can fish more for cuttlefish, Adriatic squid, whitings, conger… The types of fish here are also changing with time. In the last few years, we’ve even seen dolphins in the area.

We use different techniques for different types of fish in different seasons, as the meaning of sea sport fishing is fun:

For fishing “bottom” we perform a technique also called Bolentino. This is a very common technique, as it can catch many species of different fish. Fishing is carried out from an anchored boat with rods that have a sensitive tip that detects the catch of the fish. We can fish on several hooks and at different depths. Bolentino is exciting mainly because we never know which fish is baiting on our hook.

Squid and cuttlefish fishing is carried out using techniques that came to us from the Far East (Tip n ’run, Eging, Tataki…). These exotic fishing methods have proven to be very successful and, above all, very fun, they are fished from an anchored boat to artificial lures of colorful colors, which we give the movement of a wounded fish or crab with the movements of a rod.

Spinning or popping, is done in the spring months on large sea predators.